Why doesn’t Lewis & Clark Library restrict access?
Lewis & Clark Library provides the means to find ideas and information across the spectrum of social and political views. Libraries are one of our great democratic institutions. They provide freedom of choice for all people. Parents, not the library, are responsible for supervising their own children’s library use.

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1. Does the library have an electronic access policy?
2. A lot of people, especially parents, are concerned about children’s access to the Internet, and the fact that they might encounter "X-rated" material. How does the library protect children?
3. Does the library use filtering software on its computers?
4. Why can’t Lewis & Clark Library let parents decide what their children will access in the library?
5. Why should my tax dollars pay for access to offensive materials?
6. The Lewis & Clark Library does not subscribe to offensive materials like Hustler, why should the library allow access to offensive materials online?
7. Why doesn’t the library protect children from offensive materials, whether or not it is legally obscene?
8. How do I guide my child when I can’t be with them 24 hours a day?
9. Why doesn’t Lewis & Clark Library restrict access?
10. How can I voice my opinions to the library if I am offended by materials on the Internet?