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Jul 06

[ARCHIVED] Staff Picks, More Children's Books, part 1

The original item was published from July 6, 2021 to July 6, 2021 9:06 AM

Staff Picks: Young People’s Literature Enjoyed by All Ages, part 1 

Novels written for younger audiences often appeal to adults, too. Today’s blog post contains some great titles from children’s literature. Take a look! 

Camden recommends . . . 

Snapdragon book cover 

by Kat Leyh 

Beautifully illustrated and imbued with an impressive amount of heart, Snapdragon tells the story of a young girl who meets up with her town's local witch and learns just how weird the world can get.  This story fully embraces diversity and the struggles of those who are different while telling the reader that there is a place for everyone, no matter how bizarre or unusual.  Snapdragon made me feel like a kid again, eager to dive into the woods to find out what was lurking behind the next tree. 

Find it in the library catalog Here 


Lisa recommends . . . 

Journey to the River Sea book cover 

Journey to the River Sea 
by Eva Ibbotson 

With memorable characters and exciting plot twists, Journey to the River Sea is an engaging, magical novel set in turn-of-the-last-century Brazil. Accompanied by Miss Minton, a fierce-looking, no-nonsense governess, Maia, a young orphan, sets off for the wilderness of the Amazon, expecting curtains of orchids, brightly colored macaws, and a loving family. But what she finds is an evil-tempered aunt and uncle and their spoiled daughters. It is only when she is swept up in a mystery involving a young indigenous boy, a homesick child actor, and a missing inheritance that Maia lands in the middle of the Amazon adventure she's dreamed of. Readers of every age will treasure Ibbotson's lush historical adventure. 
One of the reasons Journey to the River Sea is special to me is because it was the first chapter book I read to both of my kids together.  It beautifully bridged the gap between my older daughter and younger son. Because of the engrossing story and wonderfully written characters, it continues to be one of my favorite books of all time.  For two more books with similar themes and characters, I also recommend Ibbotson's The Star of Kazan and The Dragonfly Pool. 

Find more books by Eva Ibbotson in the library catalog Here 
Journey to the River Sea is available via an Interlibrary Loan request  
Read more about the author Here 


Sally recommends . . . 

Nevermoor book cover  wundersmith book cover  Hollowpox book cover 
Nevermoor series 
by Jessica Townsend 

I love the Nevermoor series by Jessica Townsend. Whenever I recommend this series to someone (and let's be honest, I recommend it to most everyone), I always tell them that reading Nevermoor felt like reading Harry Potter for the first time. Jessica Townsend has created the kind of fantasy world you never want to leave, and characters that feel like old friends. I wish these books had been around when I was younger, but I've loved reading them as an adult, and wait for the next book with as much anticipation as a kid at a midnight release party. There are three books in the series so far (Nevermoor: The Trials of Morrigan Crow, Wundersmithand Hollowpox) and each one is better than the last. 

Find this series in the library catalog Here 
eBooks & eAudiobooks available via Montana Library2Go 


Rachel enjoyed . . . Royal Diary series book covers 

The Royal Diaries series by various authors 

The royal diaries series is what sparked my love of British history as some of the first books I read were about Elizabeth I and Eleanor of Aquitaine. I loved that the princesses had diaries just like I did. 

Find books in the Royal Diaries series in our library Here 
Read more about the Royal Diaries series on FantasticFiction. 



How’s your summer reading going? Are you finding titles that you would recommend? 
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