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May 10

[ARCHIVED] Thrillers, Staff Picks, pt. 2

The original item was published from May 10, 2021 to May 13, 2021 4:52 PM

Thrillers ~ Staff Picks, pt. 2 

If you enjoy page-turning thrillers, the staff at your Lewis & Clark Library have more book recommendations you might enjoy. Read on for a great selection of both fiction and nonfiction suspense reads. 


Bretagne suggests . . . 

Guest List book cover 

The Guest List 
by Lucy Foley 

A page turning thriller that will have you guessing right until the very end! 

Find it in the library catalog Here 
Also available in digital format: 
Montana Library2Go eBook and eAudiobook 
Axis360 eBook 

Suzanne suggests . . . 

 Where It Hurts book cover 

Where It Hurts  
by Reed Farrel Coleman  
If you like a well-written suspense novel, then Where It Hurts is for you. Check out this first in a series featuring retired police officer, Gus Murphy. 

Find it in the library catalog Here 
Also available in digital format: 
Hoopla eAudiobook 

Read more about the Gus Murphy series and the author’s other series Here 


Max suggests . . . 

The Yellow Wallpaper book cover 

The Yellow Wallpaper 
by Charlotte Perkins Gilman 

The Yellow Wallpaper by Charlotte Perkins Gilman is a suspenseful short story that follows the narrator’s descent into madness. The story is based on the author’s real-life experience with the archaic rest cure doctors prescribed to treat women who were 
deemed hysterical from the late 19th through the early 20th century. The rest cure involved isolating the patient in a bare room lacking any form of stimuli, which were perceived to contribute to feminine neurosis. Imagine quarantining in a single-capacity room with only a bed for company. While not a traditional thriller, this short story certainly had me gripping my seat, clenching my jaw, and frantically wondering what would come next. 

Do you like short stories? You can find The Yellow Wallpaper and other great tales in these short story collections in the library: 

The Oxford Book of Gothic Tales Here      
21 Essential American Short Stories Here 
Great Classic Women's Fiction [sound recording (CD)] : ten unabridged stories Here 
The Yellow Wallpaper is also available on Hoopla eBook and eAudiobook 


Eric suggests . . . 

The Outsider book cover 

The Outsider: a Novel 
by Stephen King 

Private investigator, Holly Gibney, from the Mr. Mercedes trilogy, is on the case after popular English teacher, Terry Maitland is convicted of a brutal crime. How could Terry commit a terrible crime while simultaneously attending a school training hundreds of miles away? As Holly uncovers more details, she finds that something more sinister is at work than anyone could have imagined. 

Find it in the library catalog Here 
Also available in digital format: 
Axis 360 eBook and eAudiobook 
Montana Library2Go eBook and eAudiobook 

The Outsider was also made into an HBO series. Available in the library Here 

April suggests . . . 

Five Days Gone book cover 

Five Days Gone: 
The Mystery of My Mother's Disappearance as a Child.  
by Laura Cumming 

A solitary child played on the Lincolnshire Beach, as her mother watched her from her nearby.  Did the mother drift off? Perhaps she was daydreaming?  But when she looked up her child was gone!  A gripping true story about the disappearance of a 3-year-old child for five days without a trace- and then reappearing mysteriously in a nearby town completely unharmed!   Where was she during that time?  Who took her?  Why? Much like a detective, Author Laura Cumming tries to piece together her mother's mystery in England in 1929. 

Find it in the library catalog Here 


Killers of the Flower Moon book cover 
Killers of the Flower Moon:  
The Osage Murders and the Birth of the FBI 
by David Grann 

Director Martin Scorsese is creating the film adaptation of Killers of the Flower Moon starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Robert De Niro. Here’s your chance to read this true story about a devastating time in 1920s American history before the movie comes out. 

Find it in the library catalog Here 
Also available in digital format: 
Axis 360 eBook 
Montana Library2Go eBook and eAudiobook 


The staff at Lewis & Clark Library are interested in your book recommendations. 
What makes a book a great read for you? Log in and leave a comment recommending your favorite suspense read. We may add your suggestion to one of our book displays!