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Apr 12

Terrific Reads, Staff Picks

Posted on April 12, 2021 at 5:56 PM by Beth Pofahl


Looking for a new reading suggestion? Here are four fiction titles enjoyed by Lewis & Clark Library staff. 

Happy reading! 


Kathy suggests . . . 

Code Name Helene book cover 

Code Name Hélène 
by Ariel Lawhon 


This is a terrific new book which I really enjoyed. It’s an historical novel about an intriguing, brave woman who worked as a spy during WWII.  It’s also a beautiful love story. 

Find it in the library catalog Here 
Also available in digital format: 
Montana Library2Go eBook and eAudiobook 


Bretagne suggests . . . 

Guest List book cover 

The Guest List  
by Lucy Foley  

A page turning thriller that will have you guessing right until the very end! 

Find it in the library catalog Here 
Also available in digital format: 
Axis 360 eBook 
Montana Library2Go eBook and eAudiobook 


Rachel suggests . . . 

Diplomat's Wife book cover 

The Diplomat’s Wife 
by Pam Jenoff 

have a fantastic book to recommend! The Diplomat's Wife by Pam Jenoff! I listened to the Audio from Hoopla and I was hooked from the very beginning. I am very rarely surprised when reading books but this book had several moments when I audibly gasped out loud! I couldn't wait to go on my walk so I could keep listening to this book. The story, the narrator, the characters - I loved it all! This is the second book in a series and I didn't read the first one but I didn't feel that I was missing anything!  

I just loved this book! 

Find it in the library catalog Here 
Also available in digital format: 
Hoopla eBook and eAudiobook 
Montana Library2Go eBook and eAudiobook 


Jennifer suggests . . . 

Epiphany Machine book cover  

The Epiphany Machine 
by David Burr Gerrard 

Light on the science, heavy on alternative history, what I like most about this science fiction novel is the tragicomedy. The protagonist is an annoying young man who gets wooed by the mystery of an “epiphany machine,” a strange contraption that tattoos personal revelations on user’s arm. With messages like, “Abandons what matters most,” “Does not understand boundaries,” and “Wants to blow things up.” Those who receive these tattooed messages will never know if they are who they are because of the revelation or if the machine can really see their deepest faults.  
*Just a warning, the language is crude and sexually graphic. Additionally, this story touches on sensitive topics. 

Find it in the library catalog Here 
Also available in digital format: 
Axis 360 eBook and eAudiobook 








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