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Nov 02

Help Using Downloadable Media

Posted on November 2, 2020 at 11:26 AM by Bobbie Clark

Help Using Downloadable Media 


Right now, more library patrons than ever are taking advantage of downloadable media that the library has to offer through several online services. 

However, sometimes, the technology hits a bump in the road and accessing digital media becomes suddenly more challenging than it was beforeTo make matters more complicated, there are very few one-size fits all solution to these challenges. 

Here are some things you can do to resolve simple issues with accessing eBooks, downloadable audio books, and more! 

First, please be sure to check the status of your library account. If your account requires updating, that will impact your ability to access downloadable media. The same goes for having physical items that have not been returned and are long overdue or considered lost. 

As with computers, the only solution that is universal is to restart a device and attempt to access content again. Reinstalling an app can also help, especially if the app has not been updated recently. 

Other solutions for issues with downloadable media depend on a variety of factors, including: 
  1. Which service? 
  2. What type of device? 
  3. How up-to-date is the device? 
  4. How up-to-date is the app? 
  5. Is the file compatible with all of the above? 

For example, if someone has an older Kindle Fire and a version of the Axis 360 app from several months ago and they attempt to download an eBook derived from an epub file from Axis 360, it is possible that they may encounter errors. 

For the best user experience with any online service, it is recommended to keep devices and apps up-to-date by downloading updates. This is an individual decision that can impact some functionality of both devices and apps. 

What should you do if you encounter an error that restarting, updating, or reinstallation hasn’t cleared? 

Consider accessing the help or troubleshooting pages for the service you are using! 



These are documents written and maintained by the services themselves, so they have all the inside information for getting the best user experience. They also include help that is device-specific, not just generic advice. 



Does the library staff use these resources to resolve their own issues?  

A. Yes! Because these guides are the best places to get help and have gradually improved and adapted with time. 

Are there issues relating to the above factors that can’t be resolved? 

A. Yes. Unfortunately, some compatibility issues cannot currently be resolved by the service providers. These tend to be rare. 

Are some services less likely to have issues than others? 

A. All of them are vulnerable to the same challenges for the user. Individually, people may encounter more issues with one service compared to another, but other people may have a more positive experience, depending on factors previously mentioned. 

Q. Are there any additional tricks that might help with accessing 

A. Yes! 

  • If your Internet connect is slow, it may take longer to download materials. You may choose to wait longer before deciding that the app isn’t working or the download failed. 
  • If you encounter a blank screen, it can be helpful to use the back button on the device and try again. 
  • For audio books, remember to check your device settings/volume, physical audio connection, and/or Bluetooth connection and settings. 



Thank you for reading! I hope this information is helpful and beneficial to your enjoyment of downloadable media from the library! 




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