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Oct 19

Virtual Shelf Browsing

Posted on October 19, 2020 at 10:14 AM by Bobbie Clark

Do you miss strolling down the quiet, book filled aisles of the library, breathing in the beautiful prose while you peruse the titles and authors at your leisure? You turn the corner and there’s an old author you used to love whom you had long forgotten about – and look! There’s a book you’ve never read right there between an old favorite and a long-lost friend! After reading the back decide to give this title a go, and find a cozy corner, maybe by the fireplace or next to a sunny library plant, where you can curl up before starting your next word journey. Do you miss that? Me too.  

We are still operating mostly as a virtual library for about another month or so, but you can still browse books online and place holds for pickup in the library vestibule. Although it is not as magical as the real thing, you can also browse the shelves though our catalog. Open the library catalog at and follow along with me: 

1. Search for a book you like in the catalog. Any book or any author. I’m choosing the book I am reading right now, Lincoln in the Bardo. But you do you. 


2. Click on the title or the book cover to bring up the details about the item. Then click on the Explore More tab (see below)


3. Scroll
 ALL the way down to the bottom to the Browse Shelf section. Choose See Full Shelf. 


You’re shelf browsing! You can see other titles by that same author, plus some of the other authors nearby! Just click on another book cover to check if the book is available and place a hold. Use the left and right arrows to move up and down the shelf.VB4
It’s not the same, I know. But it’s still pretty neat. Definitely try it with kids' books if you have any 
little ones. It’s nice to pick a book by its cover 


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