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Aug 31

Exploring Hoopla, Part 2: Audio Picks for Adults and Teens

Posted on August 31, 2020 at 11:56 AM by Bobbie Clark

Exploring Hoopla, Part 2: Audio Picks for Adults and Teens 

This series will highlight things to do on Hoopla*. Hoopla is an online book and media streaming service, available to Lewis & Clark Library cardholders using a web site on your computer or an app on your phone / tablet. If you’re using the Hoopla app, items can be downloaded for offline use. 

Educational Non-Fiction  

If you prefer popular fiction audiobooks, the library’s other services Axis 360 and Montana Library2Go are more likely to have the titles you’re looking for. But if you enjoy learning while listening, Hoopla has popular non-fiction series that fit the bill.  

For example, an overview of language learning resources on Hoopla is available hereOther educational audiobook series include “For Dummies” and “Great Courses.”  

Hoopla 2 

 and Relaxation 

Want to learn about meditation, or just close your eyes and relax? The key for finding audiobooks on these topics is to search for both Music and Audiobook formats.  

For example, there are recommendations for Meditation and Mindfulness under Audiobooks and also under MusicTo do a broader searchuse the keywords meditate and meditation. 

There are many types of meditation, and not all involve deep relaxation. Try searching for the keywords sleep music or nature sounds to chill out and get a good night’s sleep. 

Hoopla 2 1 

Note: Music has a 7-day checkout period, as opposed to audiobooks which have a 21-day checkout period.  

Music for Singing Along 

If you’re a fan of Broadway musicals, Hoopla has you covered with the latest shows– Hamilton included. You can also find soundtracks from your favorite movies and TV shows for both kids and adults.  

To keep the music you’re downloading age-appropriate, use the two checkboxes to the left of search results: Children’s Titles Only and Exclude PA Music (PA stands for “Parental Advisory”).  

Hoopla 2 2 

The Categories page for the Music format displays links to filter your search by genre and era, as well as recent hits. If you’re not sure if you want to buy aalbum, why not preview it in Hoopla for 7 days first? 

Laugh Out Loud and Revisit Radio 

Stand-up comedy albums are a hidden treasure found under the Music format. You’ll find classics from Steve Martin and Richard Pryor along with newer releases from John Mulaney and Jim Gaffigan.  

Finally, if you’re a fan of older radio comedies and dramas, check out the Classic Radio collectionArtists include Abbot & Costello and Fibber McGee & Molly; genres other than comedy include detective stories and westerns. You can find more under the publishers Radio Archives LLC and Nathan and Evan Inc.  

Happy Listening! 

* Disclaimer: Content is added and removed from Hoopla periodically. Some titles mentioned in this post may not be available after its publication date. 


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