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Aug 26

Book Reviews from Lewis & Clark Library's Volunteens

Posted on August 26, 2020 at 9:34 AM by Bobbie Clark

The Avid Reader is more than avid...they are a voracious reader of middle grade content! As part of Lewis & Clark Library’s Virtual Volunteens (and tweens) program, I’d like to share with you four of the books this reviewer thinks are just top rate.  


Volunteen 1 

Enola Holmes Series, by Nancy Springer 

Enola Holmes is a thrilling series that will transport any reader into a wonderful world of ciphers and cliff-hanging suspense. Enola is the younger sister of Sherlock Holmes--yes, the great detective. Unlike her famous brother, she is only 12, and she is NOT a great detective. But when her mother disappears, she embarks on a journey with far more bone chilling dangers, thrills, and mysteries then she could ever anticipate.  

Set in London in the late 1800s, the series takes the reader back to a time in history when women were considered powerless to shape their own lives. But Enola is determined to take charge of her destiny, even though she must give up her comfortable life in order to break free. 

The strong female protagonist will enthrall readers of all genders and ages. Enola is fearless, smart, kind, relentless, resourceful, and resilient. This six book series grabs readers like a magnet once they begin. If I could, I would give it 100 stars. Recommended for readers grade 5 and above, due to some violent content. Adults in my family loved it too. 

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Volunteen 2 

Keeper of the Lost Cities, by Shannon Messenger 

“Keeper of the Lost Cities’’ is an amazing series that takes you to a whole new world--literally. When Sophie Foster meets an odd boy who is sent to tell her that she is not what she appears to be, she finds herself in a land of magic, riches, crystals, and gems. Sophie learns that she is very special and as far from normal as you can get! But the glory fades and things get darker when she realizes that she is the only one who can stop the evil organization named The Black Swan! 

Set in a mythical world, “Keeper of the Lost Cities” is an exciting and suspenseful story. Imagine being just fourteen and getting the shock of your life!!! Author Shannon Messenger has the ability to whisk readers into a riveting world full of glory and--hidden beneath--many thrills and dangers! Readers of all genders will love this captivating book. 

“Keeper of the Lost Cities” is a series that is still being written and, so far, consists of eight and a half books. Recommended for 5th grade and beyond, due to violent content. 

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Volunteen 3 

NERDS series, by Michael Buckley 

NERDS (National, Espionage, Rescue, and Defense Society--unfortunate acronym) is an amazing series by award winning author Michael Buckley. Buckley also wrote The Sisters Grimm series, which I highly recommend.  

When Jackson Jones--who used to be a popular kid--gets braces, everyone calls him a geeky nerd. But when his braces start acting oddly, everything changes. He starts following five peculiar kids around, noticing that they sneeze at the same time, seem to hypnotize their teacher, then walk right out of the classroom and vanish. Who are these strange classmates? 

I loved how Buckley gave all the characters their own funny humor. The NERDS series consists of five books that are thrilling and very engaging. They are a nice way to escape if your reality is too stressful. They are unputdownable!!! 

Find it in the Library Catalog HERE 

Volunteen 4 

Space Case, Moon Base Alpha series, by Stuart Gibbs 

Set in 2040, “Space Case” introduces us to Dashiell Gibson. He’s living on the moon and is quite bored. The Moonie kids aren’t allowed to go out on the moon's surface so they're stuck in a small place playing video games and having to hydrate their dehydrated food. On top of that, the toilets are very uncomfortable. What is the point in staring at the stars out the window of your moon base when you can do that from earth?  

But then, things get more exciting. Dr.Holtz is getting ready to reveal a big discovery, but it seems that he is going mad--the security cameras filmed him talking to himself. Before he is able to reveal his big surprise, he is murdered!!! It appears that he murdered himself, but Dash doesn’t believe it. This makes the other Moonies worry. What if there really is a murderer loose on Moon Base Alpha? Then everyone is in danger! Dash must solve this crime before another is committed!! I’ll leave it at that…. 

Dash is a funny protagonist with a slightly annoying sister and a great friend named Kira. All readers will find this book to be an entertaining escape. It’s very funny and has many misleading plot twists. If you like Gibbs’ Spy School and Fun Jungle series, you will love these books. This is one of my most favorite Stuart Gibbs book series. Happy reading!!!!! 

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The Avid Reader and I wish you truly happy reading! To submit your own review (teens and tweens only, please), click here 

Heather, Teen Services Librarian 




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