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Aug 07

[ARCHIVED] Staff Picks - Food!

The original item was published from August 11, 2020 to August 25, 2020 3:31 PM

Food, glorious food. 

Hi Readers! Today’s book recommendations are all about foodSample this literary smorgasbord we’ve prepared and see if anything suits your taste. And don’t forget the hundreds of other books on food available in our catalog and through digital sources, too.  


recommends . . . 

Food 1 

Bowls: Vibrant recipes with endless possibilities 

By America’s Test Kitchen 

This book has delicious, easy and beautiful recipes that make you feel like you’re the best chef in the world, and your friends will agree! 

Find it in the library catalog HERE 

Find more America’s Test Kitchen books HERE 

America’s Test Kitchen is also available digitally 


recommends . . . 

Food 2 

Half Baked Harvest Super Simple: More than 125 recipes for instant, overnight, meal-prepped and easy comfort foods  

by Tieghan Gerard    

Beautifully photographed and just like it says, easy and delicious.  I seriously copied down at least a dozen recipes and made one, an appetizer using 3 ingredients, which I prepared and baked in 20 minutes.  Everyone raved about it!  Truly easy and delicious! 

Find it in the library catalog HERE 

In addition to this wonderful cookbook, Tieghan Gerard maintains an extensive monthly recipe index on her website. Check it out HERE 


Jessica recommends . . .

Food 3 

Six Seasons: A New Way with Vegetables 

By Joshua McFadden 
If you’ve ever wondered how to use vegetables more prominently in the meals you preparethen this book is for you.  This invaluable resource focuses on how to use fresh in-season produce rather than centering your entire dish around meat. McFadden goes over basic preparation and cooking techniques, dressing a salad by taste, grilling and quick-pickling vegetables, concocting delicious sauces, and incorporating grains and meat into the harvest dish.  You’ll be surprised by how many new and different flavors and textures you can accomplish with ingredients you’ve cooked with for years.  

Find it in the library catalog HERE 

Also available in digital format: 

Hoopla Ebook 

Watch a cooking demonstration of McFadden’s recipe Burnt Carrots with Honey, Black Pepper, Butter and Almonds HERE  


Rachel recommends . . . 

Food 4 

The Story of the Great British Bake Off   

by Anita Singh  

It’s a funny light-hearted look at a series that has captured the hearts of Brits and Americans alike! I love the show so as soon as I saw this book, I snapped it up! It was fantastic read and very entertaining!  

Find the book in the library catalog HERE  

Also available in digital format: 

Hoopla Ebook    

Enjoy the Great British Baking Show?   

Available on Hoopla and in library catalog HERE 


Beth recommends . . .

 Food 5 

Brunetti’s Cookbook 

By Roberta Pianaro and Donna Leon 

If you read cookbooks like other people read romance novels, you might enjoy Brunetti’s CookbookNamed after the central character in Donna Leon’s mystery seriesCommissario Guido Brunetti, this book combines mystery, authentic Italian recipes and well-chosen excerpts from Ms. Leon’s novels. 

Find it in the library catalog HERE 

Also available in digital format: 

Montana Library2Go Ebook 

Hoopla Ebook 

Read more about Donna Leon’s Italian mystery series HERE 


Heather recommends . . .

Food 6 

With the Fire on High 

By Elizabeth Acevedo 

Emoni's food speaks to the soul. Catch this girl growing up, raising her daughter, graduating high school, and following her passion for cooking. Try one of the recipes. Perfect if you like cooking shows with a side of realness. Bonus points if you listen to the audio! 

Find it in the library catalog HERE 

Also available in digital format: 

Hoopla Ebook and Audiobook 

Montana Library2Go Ebook and Audiobook 


Jill recommends . . .

Food 7 

In Defense of Food 

By Michael Pollan 

Michael Pollan's exploration of diet and health in the modern world. His solution? "Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants." Thought-provoking, eye-opening; worth reading a second (or third) time. 

Find it in the library catalog HERE 

Also available in digital format: 

Montana Library2Go Ebook and Audiobook 

Hoopla PBS video HERE 


s recommends . . . 

Food 8 

The Case Against Sugar 

By Gary Taubes 

Discusses the long history of sugar in society and possible health consequences. For people who are health-conscious - expect to walk away mad. 

Find it in the library catalog  HERE 

Also available in digital format: 

Axis 360 Ebook 

Montana Library2Go Ebook and Audiobook 

Hoopla Summary and Analysis Ebook 


Clare recommends . . .

Food 9 

The New Moosewood Cookbook 

By Mollie Katzen 

When I was on my own in my first apartment and wanting to introduce more vegetables into my diet, I purchased this book. I thought I couldn't go wrong with one of the best-selling vegetarian cookbooks of all time. 

Mollie Katzen’s hand lettered and illustrated book felt like I was holding someones treasured recipe collection in my hands. Her recipes were simple and easy to follow. She also included preparation times and helpful hints. The book and I hit it off. 

Some of my favorite recipes are: Baba Ganouj, pg104 (the only way my brother likes eggplant) Bulgarian Pepper casserole, pg138 (the “where’s the meat” boyfriend loved it) and her No-Fault Pumpkin Pie, pg 203 is the pie I make every Thanksgiving. 

So, years later as I hold my now worn copy of Moosewood I realize I am holding someone’s treasured recipe collection in my hands. 

Find it in the library catalog HERE 

Author’s website with recipes galore HERE 

Mollie Katzen on Hoopla