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Jul 28

Read Magazines Online, Part 3: Reading Consumer Reports on MasterFILE Complete

Posted on July 28, 2020 at 8:10 AM by Bobbie Clark

Read Magazines Online, Part 3: Reading Consumer Reports in MasterFILE Complete 

The print magazine collection is temporarily unavailable at the Lewis & Clark Library, but many of these magazines can be read online with your library card. This series will show you what’s available where, and how to get started. 

NOTEThis post picks up where Part 2 left off – reading a full-text issue of Consumer Reports online. I recommend you follow the instructions in Part 2 before continuing.  

Refer to thscreen shot below for the instructions in this post.  

Mag Online 1 

In addition to reading an article online, you can print it, download it as a PDF file, and zoom in and out to make the text larger/smaller. The buttons for doing this may depend on what web browser (ex. Chrome, Safari) you are using, and you may need to point your mouse at the article for the buttons to display. In general: 

  1. 1. Print buttons have a printer icon 

  1. 2. Download buttons have prominent downward arrow 

  1. 3. Zoom In / Out buttons look like plus and minus signs 

On the left of the article viewer, there are tools to navigate not only inside this issue but also to issues from other months and years. Under the Inside This Work header, a table of contents for the current issue is displayed five articles at a time. So, for example, to see the final article in this issue, click the link labeled 11 – 14 and scroll down to “6 Tips to Jump Start Your Test Drive.” Clicking the article title will load that article in the viewer on the right. 

To browse a different issue of Consumer Reports, click the Choose Another Issue link and you will see an expandable list of years with links to other issues below them. Let’s look at the 2019 Auto Issue by clicking 2019; then click the blue arrow at the bottom of the small box to scroll down to the link to Vol 84 Issue 4 – Apr 2019. Once that issue loads on the right, notice that the table of contents links on the left also change.  

When you’re done looking through Consumer Reports issues, click the Result List link at the top left corner of the screen. Then click the Publications link in the top navigation bar to go back to an alphabetical list of available publications. You can also search the entire MasterFILE Complete database of publications for a particular topic, which will be covered in a future post.  

Magazines in the Lewis & Clark Library print collection which have full text issues in MasterFILE Complete include: 

  • Field & Stream 
  • Health 
  • Montana Business Quarterly 
  • Motor Trend 
  • People 
  • Scientific American 
  • Time

Please note that not all publications in MasterFILE Complete are available in full text. The ones that are have icons for iconPdfSmPDF Full Text and/or iconFulltextSmHTML Full Text. If a publication just has Bibliographic Records in the description, as with Outside magazine shown below, only an article citation and possibly an abstract are available. 

Mag Online 2 


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