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May 28

Staff Picks 2 - Book Recommendations

Posted on May 28, 2020 at 9:55 AM by Bobbie Clark

Dear Reader, 

Here are a couple additional book recommendations for you. Would you be interested in an optimistic, adventuresome story featuring a man who survives a fictional flu pandemic published in 2012? Or perhaps you’d enjoy a humorous, heart-warming true tale of a boy growing up with a pet raccoon? If so, read on for more book recommendations from our staff. 


Holly recommends . . .   

The Dog Stars  

by Peter Heller 

This is one of my favorite books and a great pick for these times. Even though it's a dystopian novel about a man and his dog existing outside of what used to be Denver Colorado after a flu pandemic has destroyed the world, it is also a love story and a story of resilience. It’s even funny in some parts. I loved the main character’s relationship with his dog who never leaves his side and even flies with him in his little airplane. There are some long shoot out scenes and some gun violence which may not appeal to everyone. However, these scenes are realistic, detailed and keep the story moving.  Dog Stars is one of Peter Heller’s best works.  Honestly, it's not the kind of book I thought I would like, but it drew me along from the very first page and I ended up reading late into the night. I even cried in some parts. I ended up just loving the characters and the plot. I highly recommend this book and wish someone would make it into a movie. 


Find it here:  

In the library catalog:  

Available in regular type:  Here 

or Large type: Here 

Also available through digital media sources:  


Audiobook Here 

eBook   Here     

Read more about the author and his other work  Here 

Link to recent interview with author Here 

Link to Youtube reading in conjunction with Broomfield Library  Here 




Beth recommends . . . 

Rascal, a memoir of a better era 

by Sterling North 

Sterling North tells his boyhood story of growing up in the Wisconsin north woods during World War I—with a pet raccoon. This classic childhood memoir is a fun read especially if you enjoy animals and nostalgic tales. It’s also a Newbery Honor Award winner. 

Rascal was made into a movie by Disney—but please, read the book first It’s so much better! This story would be a fun and engaging read-aloud for families as it appeals to both young and old listeners. 


Find it in the library catalog: Here 

Available through MontanaLibrary2Go as an audiobook Here 

Movie version can be found Here 

Learn more about author Sterling North’s life & love of raccoons Here 


Thanks for Reading!  

Staff Picks 2   

Photo by Thomas Dils on Unsplash



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