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Jun 29

[ARCHIVED] Podcasting Books and a Special Visitor

The original item was published from June 26, 2022 9:54 PM to June 29, 2022 2:48 PM

Several months back, Lewis & Clark staff recommended a variety of podcasts as part of Staff Picks. You can find these recommendations Here. Today’s blog post returns to the podcasting theme with several book recommendations about podcasting as well as a shout out to former Lewis & Clark employee, Sarah Elkins: Hey, Sarah!
picture of Sarah Elkins in study room

Sarah runs a unique consulting business which focuses on using personal strengths for success and connection, but she also takes a close look at storytelling and how the stories we tell affect our lives. In fact, Sarah even wrote a book about it called Your Stories Don’t Define You, How You Tell Them Will. In conjunction with Sarah’s consulting business, she produces a podcast which she has been known to record right here in the library using our private study rooms! Are you interested in listening to Sarah’s podcast? Check it out at her website, Elkins Consulting. It’s always great to see Sarah in the library and especially exciting knowing that she is using our space in such a meaningful way.
Very cool beans. 

And what about you? Might you have an interest in not only listening to podcasts, but creating a podcast of your very own? Here are some great books with plenty of advice and stories about how others have successfully created their own podcasts. 


NPR's podcast start up guide NPR’s Podcast Start Up Guide
by Glen Weldon 

From NPR comes the definitive guide to podcasting-featuring step-by-step advice on how to find a unique topic, tell the best stories, and engage the most listeners, as well as the secrets that will take your podcast to the next level. 
Find NPR’s Podcast Start Up Guide in the library catalog Here 


How I built this book coverHow I Built This 
by Guy Raz 

Based on the highly acclaimed NPR podcast, How I Built This with Guy Raz, this book offers priceless insights and inspiration from the world's top entrepreneurs on how to start, launch, and build a successful venture. 
Find How I Built This in the library catalog Here
Listen to the podcast Here  

 podcast4This is Ear Hustle 
by Nigel Poor and Earlonne Woods 

Are you a fan of the podcast produced inside San Quentin prison by Nigel Poor and former inmate Earlonne Woods? If so, you simply must check out this book which brings further attention to the stories and lives of the inmates. 
Find This is Ear Hustle in the library catalog Here
Listen to the podcast Here 


Everybody has a podcast book cover Everybody Has a Podcast (except you)
by Justin, Travis & Griffin McElroy 

From the #1 New York Times bestselling McElroy Brothers, creators of the hit podcasts My Brother, My Brother and Me and The Adventure Zone, comes a helpful and hilarious how-to podcast guide covering everything you need to know to make, produce, edit, and promote a podcast...and get rich* doing it! (*Results not guaranteed.) 
Find Everybody Has a Podcast (except you) in the library catalog Here
Listen to My Brother, My Brother and Me Here
Listen to The Adventure Zone Here 


See you at the library & happy podcasting!