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May 31

Staff Picks: Fiction

Posted on May 31, 2022 at 6:55 PM by Beth Pofahl

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James recommends . . . One Last Stop book cover

One Last Stop (2021 Romantic comedy)
by Casey McQuiston 

I dare anyone to be able to talk about this book without spoilers. It's a meet-cute story that takes place in NYC with vivid characters and a lot of heart. The book is a little like Rent with happier, not-quite-as-poor characters and fewer musicians. I've seldom read a book that ties up all the loose ends so neatly. 

Find One Last Stop in the catalog Here
Also available in digital format:
Axis 360 eBook
Montana Library2Go eBook and Audiobook
Read more about the author Casey McQuiston Here 


Katy suggests . . . The Silence of the Girls book cover The Silence of the Girls (2018 Historical)
by Pat Barker 

A retelling of the story of Achilles from the viewpoint of Briseis, a captured woman who becomes a slave in his camp. The change in perspective is interesting, especially to an overlooked character, and the story is descriptive and engaging! 

Find The Silence of the Girls in the library catalog Here
Also available for digital checkout:
Montana Library2Go/Libby Audiobook
Read more about author Pat Barker Here 


Lisa recommends . . . The Keeper of Lost Things book cover

The Keeper of Lost Things (2017 Literary fiction)
by Ruth Hogan 

Lonely, broken-hearted Anthony Perdew has devoted his life to rescuing lost objects-things others have dropped, misplaced or left behind-and writing stories about them.  Upon his death, his assistant Laura inherits both his house and his secret mission-- reuniting the lost things with their rightful owners.  Laura herself is lost and lonely but in her new home and with new friends, she begins to come alive again.  Equal parts romance and mystery with a little ghost story thrown in, The Keeper of Lost Things is a charming, clever book overlaid with melancholy and humor. 

Find The Keeper of Lost Things in the library catalog Here
Also available in digital format:
Montana Library2Go/Libby eBook and Audiobook
Axis 360 eBook
Hoopla eBook and Audiobook
Read more about author Ruth Hogan Here 


Kelli suggests . . . Her Royal Spyness book cover  
Her Royal Spyness (2007 Cozy mystery)
by Rhys Bowen  

Sometimes summer means I want a really good thriller to get my heart pumping, sometimes it means I need something fluffy on the beach. Her Royal Spyness series definitely leans towards the fluffy side. It is murder-lite, for when I need a good mystery with a side of baked goods! This series is about a young woman who is royal-adjacent, but doesn't have the money to keep up appearances. Murder and hijinks ensue. The royals are all over the news right now, making this series a fun and timely escape. 

Find Her Royal Spyness in the library catalog Here
Find other books in the Royal Spyness series on Montana Library2Go  
Read more about the author and this series 


As we move into summertime and warmer weather, how do your reading habits change? Log in below and tell us about your summer reading plans or maybe you’re reading something really great—share your recommendation in the comments! If you haven’t created an account yet, the process is easy and only takes a few minutes. 



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