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Apr 02

Teen Book Scouts, Book Recommendations 2.0

Posted on April 2, 2022 at 2:51 PM by Beth Pofahl

 Book cover collage of popular YA novels

Teen Book Scout Recommendations 

Teenagers who visit the library have great book recommendations. The Book Scouts program is a fun way for teens to share what they’ve been reading. Read on for five great book suggestions from area teens. 


 Scouted by Emerson  Hurricane Season book coverHurricane Season   
by Nicole Melleby

It's a heart-warming story about family, love, and trust. As 12-year-old Fig has to navigate her father, middle school, and friend drama.  

Find Hurricane Season the library catalog Here 
Also available in digital format: 
Hoopla eBook and eAudiobook  
Read more about author Nicole Melleby Here



Scouted by Melody Dauntless book coverDauntless 
by Dina L. Sleiman 

I recommend this book because it can explain why people in medieval times sometimes stole. The first book in the series, Dauntless is followed by Chivalrous and then Courageous.
Available in digital format:
Montana Library2Go/Libby eBook
Hoopla eBook
Read more about author Dina L. Sleiman Here

If you’d like to read this series, but are unable to access the digital formats, ask about interlibrary loan at the front desk.


Scouted by Anonymous The Diabolic book cover The Diabolic    
by S.J. Kincaid  

A wonderful sci-fi trilogy. Lots of emotions, power, corruption, and cool fight sequences. Additionally, a very strong female lead.  

Find The Diabolic in the library catalog Here  
Also available in digital format:
Find the sequel, Empress in audiobook on 
Axis 360
Find other audiobooks by S.J. Kincaid on Hoopla  
Read more about the author 



Scouted by Avery O.  

The Ickabog book coverThe Ickabog   
by J.K. Rowling  

It's about marsh-monsters, a blood-boiling evil maniac, and four heroic kids. I loved it!  

Find The Ickabog in the library catalog Here 
Also available in digital format: 
Montana Library2Go/Libby eBook 
Axis 360 eBook  

 Ickabog playaway image

Available as a Playaway—Ask at the front desk! 


Scouted by Dalia  

Just Peachy book cover 
Just Peachy: comics about depression, anxiety, love, and finding 
the humor in being sad  
by Holly Chisholm   

I loved this graphic novel because it shows us that if you have anxiety you can get through it by calling a friend or just taking a deep breath.   

Find Just Peachy in the library catalog Here 



Are you a teen who would like to recommend a book? Visit the library and write your book recommendation in the Book Scouts journal. You’ll find the journal on the counter in the teen space.  

Happy reading! 

 picture of Book Scouts journal



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