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Feb 21

[ARCHIVED] Staff Picks, Podcasts, part 3

The original item was published from February 21, 2022 4:39 PM to February 21, 2022 5:04 PM

Staff Picks, more podcast recommendations 

In our third blog post featuring podcast recommendations, Jessica suggests several interesting podcasts to listen to. If you’re a frequent visitor to the Lewis & Clark Library you probably know Jess from the public services desk. One thing you may not know, however, is that Jess plays an integral part in editing and creating videos on our library’s YouTube channel. So, check out our YouTube postings and read on to hear about some of Jess’s favorite podcasts. 


Jess recommends . . .
 Heavyweight podcast
created and hosted by Jonathan Goldstein 

Heavyweight is probably my favorite podcast.  It gives the guests on the show a chance to get closure for an experience where they feel wronged, have regrets, or wish they could change.  The host digs deep - finding people from the past, old records, and more, and dredges up new perspectives and all of the feelings.  It is raw, relatable, and uplifting to witness these folks do the work to lift the heavy weight that has been burdening them. 
Listen and find out more about this podcast Here 


The Moth podcast

The Moth
originally created by George Dawes Green in 1997 with numerous hosts and events around the country 

The Moth is all about storytelling centered around a theme.  I love this podcast because it gives people a chance to tell their story in their own words in front of a live audience.  You hear from several voices on each episode and leave feeling like you understand the human experience a little more. 
Listen and find out more about this podcast Here 

  Science VS podcast

Science VS
hosted by Wendy Zukerman 
Armed with scientific studies, this podcast "pits facts against fiction."  The host is charming and bubbly and the show is organized in a way that makes the content approachable. I also like that they cite their sources on their website for you to read through. 
Listen and find out more about this podcast Here

 Radiolab podcast Radiolab 
hosted by Jad Abumrad, Lulu Miller, and Latif Nassar 
Radiolab is probably the most expertly crafted sonic experience that the podcasting world offers.  You can find stories that cover just about every topic, obscure or otherwise.  The sound design alone draws you in and forwards the narrative making it a whole experience. 
Listen and find out more about this podcast Here 

 Every Little Thing podcast Every Little Thing 
hosted by Flora Lichtman 

Every Little Thing gets to the bottom of all of your burning questions - controversial or otherwise.  Like, "Why is the music on my kid's toy so annoying yet so catchy?"  
Listen and find out more about this podcast Here


 Strangers podcast Strangers 
hosted by Lea Thau 

Strangers is about human connection, empathy, and so much more.  Lea Thau (former Moth director) has a soft and magnetic voice that draws you in and has a way of ushering you through the subjects' experiences. 
Listen and find out more about this podcast Here
Also, listen to a Strangers podcast featuring our very own Mayor, Wilmot Collins Here 


 Where Should We Begin podcast Where Should We Begin 
hosted by Esther Perel 

Where Should We Begin is the perfect show to tune into if you are apprehensive about therapy or are looking to glean skills from another person's therapy session.  Or even if you are in need of a good cry. I highly recommend it! 
Listen and find out more about this podcast Here