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Feb 06

Staff Picks, Podcasts, part 2

Posted on February 6, 2022 at 9:44 PM by Beth Pofahl

Staff Picks, more podcast recommendations: 

Continuing with last week's theme, today's blog post offers more podcast recommendations from Lewis & Clark staff. Have you found a favorite podcast yet? Listening to podcasts can be entertaining, informative and even life-changing! We highly recommend exploring podcasts. Here are a few more of our podcast picks:

 Cody recommends... Optimal Living Daily logo

Optimal Living Daily
created by Justin Malik 

I have too many Podcasts that I like so I will tell you about the one I have listened to the most: Optimal Living Daily. A while back, reading blogs in the various subjects I found interesting started to get hard.  I was looking for options for things I could listen to that would give me the blog feel and I stumbled across Optimal Living Daily.  This amazing podcast simply reads blog posts from various bloggers in personal development, minimalism, finance, health, and business space - with their permission of course.  After I listened for a week, I was hooked.  Since I started listening to Optimal Living Daily, they have also expanded to Podcasts specializing in various topics: Optimal Living Daily Relationships, Optimal Finance Daily, Optimal Health Daily, and Optimal Startup Daily. They also now offer your daily horoscopes in podcast form if that is your thing. 

Listen and find out more about this podcast Here 


April recommends... Now & Then logo

Now & Then
by Joanne Freeman & Heather Cox Richardson 
Two remarkable American History Historians present today's headlines and discuss how we got here. What happened in America's past to shape our "now". Join Heather Cox Richardson and Joanne Freeman as they use their encyclopedic knowledge of U.S. history to bring the past to life and to make current events more understandable, too.  
A new podcast is broadcast every Tuesday morning. 

Listen and find out more about this podcast  Here 


Holly recommends...
BHA podcast photoThe Back Country Hunters & Anglers Podcast & Blast 
with Hal Herring 

Hunting, angling, public lands, cooking, writing, archeology/anthropology. 
Interesting guests.  

Listen and find out more about this podcast Here 


Camden recommends... 

Magnus Archives logo

The Magnus Archives
hosted by Jonathan Sims 

The Magnus Archives is a fictional horror podcast about an organization that researches and studies paranormal phenomenon. What starts out as a series of creepy vignettes read by a brilliant narrator slowly turns into a full-on radio show with a diverse and intriguing cast of misfits winding their way through a mythology of horror and danger. With stunning sound design, stellar voice acting, and a nightmarish world fully realized, the Magnus Archives is journey not soon forgotten. 

Listen and find out more about this podcast Here 


Rachel recommends... 

HistoryExtra podcast image HistoryExtra  
Hosted by Ellie Cawthorne 

I love podcasts! The first one I really got into was HistoryExtra podcast which is put on by BBC history magazine! They have a wide variety of topics which I think makes it more appealing.  

Listen and find out more about this podcast Here 

Beth recommends...
LeVar Burton Reads image
LaVar Burton Reads

I've been a fan of LaVar Burton for as long as I can remember: from the first time I saw him portray Kunta Kinte in the televised version of Alex Haley's Roots, to watching his character Geordi La Forge in Star Trek: The Next Generation, to enjoying his hosting of the children's program The Reading Rainbow with my children. He's had an amazing career promoting storytelling and reading. So, if you like short stories and you would enjoy listening to this talented actor read them out loud, try out this podcast. 

Listen and find out more about this podcast Here


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