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Oct 03

[ARCHIVED] Staff Picks, What do I read next?

The original item was published from October 3, 2021 9:25 PM to October 3, 2021 9:32 PM

STAFF PICKS – What do I read next? 

As a follow-up to last week’s Staff Picks blog post which looked at two suggested titles by Madeline Miller, The Song of Achilles and Circetoday’s post addresses the question, “What do I read next?” If you enjoy a certain author and want to find something similar, where’s an avid reader to look? 

Well, for starters you can certainly go online and look at the author’s website and see what she has to say. Does your favorite author have any soon-to-be-published books coming out? Or perhaps you’ll find out more about the author’s other titles you haven’t read yet. In the case of Madeline Miller, if you go to her website, and click on ‘The Books’ heading you’ll see the subheading ‘Other Writing’ which if you click, you’ll find she has a couple short fiction pieces you might enjoy as well as essays and reviews. 

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Another useful place to check out your favorite author is Look up your favorite author on this website and not only will you find every fiction book they have published, but by scrolling down towards the bottom of the page, you’ll often find a list of books recommended by that author. Madeline Miller has twenty different books she recommends on Fantastic Fiction. 

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 After you’re done perusing all the helpful information at Fantastic Fiction, another interesting place to look for reading suggestion is a website called,  Simply type in either the book’s title or the author’s name and you’ll be given a list of books that you may enjoy which are similar. If you search Madeline Miller, you’ll be given a different list depending on whether you search Circe or The Song of Achilles. The website has links to purchase books, but, of course, you can also just copy the titles and check the library to see if the book is available. literature map graphic

Another fun online tool you may enjoy is a website called
The Literature Map uses authors’ names only. Go to the site and type in one of your favorite authors. The page will come alive with a graphic containing several authors’ names which move around on the screen. After a few moments the names settle and the name you entered will be in the middle of the page with other authors’ names surrounding it. Here’s a screenshot featuring a Madeline Miller search: screenshot from literature map

The website claims that the closer two authors’ names are, the more likely a reader will like both of them. Another fun feature of this site is that you can click on any of the names which appear and see another literature map formulate. Check this website out, it's amusing, and you might even find a new author to enjoy. 

Finally, don’t forget you can always ask the friendly library staff for reading recommendations.  

 See you at the library!