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 Hoopla is a streaming service that provides access to audiobooks, ebooks, television shows, movies, and music.  To get started, you must first create an account.  Click on the Hoopla link below to get started.

  Click here to go to the Hoopla site

  Click on the get started button, provide your email address then a password.  Search for the Lewis & Clark Library in the library search field.  

  You can download the apps for Hoopla also.

  iPhone/iPad  App

  Android App

  Kindle Fire App

  Hoopla Details

  •  Checkout periods vary depending on the item (Audiobooks: 21 days, Ebooks: 21 days, Movies: 72 hours, Television: 72 hours, Music: 7 days)
  •  Items are always available
  •  Patrons can check out up to 4 items a month.