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Alexia Duncan

January-February 2024

at Lewis & Clark Library

Alexia Duncan is a multimedia artist residing in Helena. As a Montana native, Duncan’s inspiration is derived from the fleeting, natural moments found around the state, in how the sky morphs color and texture, or the delicate lace of ice on a fir, to the animated inhabitants of the landscape. The main subject of Duncan's work revolves around forgotten or ordinary objects and various flora and fauna. Abandoned homesteads and simplistic coffee mugs are revived in contrasting shadows, revealing hidden colors and shapes within shapes. Encounters with both farm and wildlife are captured in a quirky, bold interpretation. Duncan’s art-making process consists of recreating her experiences and interactions in a whimsical, accessible style. 

Alexia formally studied fine art at the University of Great Falls and continues to evolve her style through experience and instructing others. She is a current member of the Arts Association of Montana and The Arts Center, participating in a number of shows around Montana, Wyoming and Idaho. Alexia has most recently been published in Your Art Matters magazine.

If you are interested in exhibiting at the Library, email suzanne@lclibrary.org 

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The Lewis & Clark Library displays art made by the community around the library. If you are interested in exhibiting your work, please contact Suzanne at 406-447-6681 or suzanne@lclibrary.org.