Jean McClean

"Things That Matter:

An Eclectic View"

July-August 2018

Library Lobby

jean mcclean

About the Artist

I am a Montana artist from the Helena area. It seems like I usually have 5 or 6 paintings going at once. My subjects are the things that interest me. When you look at my work you will probably think I must be interested in lots of things. And you will be right!

Some of my work is done using a variety of watermedia, but honestly? Since I began using oils a few years ago I have never looked back.  My working style varies, depending on what I want to communicate to the viewer. I try to keep my focus on things I see and experience in my neck of the woods, but I am fascinated by animals of all kinds. So animals often become the subjects of my work. But when painting an animal, I try to convey something about the personality of the creature or the feelings that animals have that are not too dissimilar to our own. The way I see it is we human animals are different from other animals in some ways, but very much alike in others. THAT is what I want you to experience when you look at my paintings where animals are the main subject.  

People are another important part of my work. What? You don’t see people in most of my paintings? Well, I disagree. Though you may not always see the figure of a person, you will often see evidence of people in my work. Whether it is an old building, a plowed field, or a flower garden, people leave traces in the world. Maybe because I am a woman, I seem to be particularly attracted to the evidence of women in the landscape. Look for those elements in many of my landscapes.

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