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Carolyn Laceky

My Life as an Artist

September-October 2018

Library Lobby

Carolyn Laceky Artist Statement

      I am honored to have been asked to show my work in connection with The Big Read, Roz Chast’s funny, sad, honest, delightful memoir of caring for her elderly parents.  I am an elderly parent and Roz’s words, “I was aggravated that they hadn’t dealt with their accumulation back when they had the ability to do so,” hit home. I have this accumulation of paintings that I don’t want my sons to have to deal with. In her words, I have started to look at my stuff “postmortemistically”. It is my hope that this exhibit of my life in art will be an opportunity to find good homes for the pictures.

       Our Lewis & Clark Library is a treasure to Helena and in particular to its art community as it provides this beautiful venue to show our work. For example, I have, for decades, wanted to make the recreation of Grandma Dottie’s dresser (an allegory for my life)  but couldn’t imagine where to show it. The library finally gave me the place and reason to do it.

Many thanks to Suzanne Schwichtenberg for her work with The Big Read and her help in presenting this exhibit.


 Carolyn Laceky

Information About Exhibiting at the

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It is the policy of the Lewis & Clark Library Board of Trustees and the Lewis & Clark Library Foundation to provide access to the intellectual, cultural, and educational resources of the community. Exhibits fulfill an integral part in the Lewis & Clark Library's total program of public service. Exhibits may be planned to direct attention to the materials and services of the library itself, may provide exposure to the arts and sciences, or highlight crafts and hobbies.

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