Dear Author

Dear Author is a contest for students in fourth and fifth grade. Think about a book or poem that made an impact in your life and write a letter to the author or poet. Submit the letters to Lewis & Clark Library – not the author – and your letter will be judged by a committee. Lewis & Clark Library will award prizes for first, second, and third place letters as well as two honorable mentions. The winners will also earn an award for their school library.

To enter:

Think about a book or poem that made an impact in your life

Write a letter, not a book report, to the author or poet to let them know the impact of their work on your life

Here are some things to think about as you’re writing your letter:

  • What did the book or poem show you about the world that you never noticed?
  • What did you realize about yourself as a result of reading the book or poem?
  • How did the book or poem influence you?
  • Why was the book or poem meaningful to you?

Submit your letters to the Lewis & Clark Library – not the author – between January 13 and January 17, 2020.

One letter per student

Each letter should be typed on an 8 ½” x 11” sheet of paper

Make sure you include your name, phone number, the name of your school or homeschool, and your age at the top of the page. Letters will not be returned.

Entries will be judged by a committee and the winners will be contacted by February 4, 2020.

There will be an awards ceremony in the Ambrose Reading Room on Tuesday, February 11 at 7 PM. Winners will be asked to read their letters during the ceremony.

Submit letters by dropping them off at your library branch Information Desk or send letters to:

Molly Hudson

ATTN: Dear Author

Lewis & Clark Library

120 S. Last Chance Gulch

Helena, MT, 59601

If you have any questions about the Dear Author program, please contact

Molly Hudson

Children Services Librarian

(406) 447-6682

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