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Montana State Law Library
The mission of the State Law Library is to provide access to legal information consistent with the research needs of Montana's judges and court personnel, members of the State Bar of Montana, state officers and employees, and members of the general public. We strive to provide legal information at the time and in the format requested.

Montana Code
These are the laws of Montana. A print version is contained in the Montana Code Annotated, published in the fall of every odd numbered year (after the legislative session). You can also view older editions of the Montana Code.

Montana Constitution

A print version of the current Montana Constitution is contained in the Montana Code Annotated (MCA), Vol. 1. Annotations to the current constitution are available in the Annotations to the MCA, a separate title. The Montana Code Annotated is available online without annotations. The Organic Act (which created the Montana Territory), the 1889 Constitution, and the 1972 Constitution are available online here.

Montana Court Decisions
Montana Supreme Court cases from the mid-1970s forward are available free online from the State Law Library of Montana. Briefs filed by litigants with the Supreme Court are found at the same website. The official printed reports of Montana Supreme Court cases from 1873 to present are contained in the Montana Reports. Montana Supreme Court cases also appear in West's Pacific Reporter. Montana has no intermediate-level appellate court; appeals to the Montana Supreme Court come from the 56 district courts in Montana. Missoula is the 4th Judicial District. Most district court opinions are not available online but information on the location of the district courts is available.

Montana Legal Forms
The Commission on Self-Represented Litigants has approved a number of statewide forms. also has a number of forms (select "Self-Help Forms"). The Montana Legal Services Association also has a number of free forms available online.

State Bar of Montana

Montana Legislature Home Page
Information about legislators, sessions, committees, and the legislature.

Federal Resources

Federal laws are contained in the United States Code.

The U.S. has 11 regional circuit courts (courts of appeal). These courts handle appeals made from state courts in their region. Montana is in the 9th Circuit.

Appeals from the circuit courts go to the U.S. Supreme Court. You can view many U.S. Supreme Court cases online.

United States Federal Digital System is a portal to government publications and information. You can find the Code of Federal Regulations and other legal documents here.

Tribal Law

Montana tribes are considered sovereign nations. The Montana Indian Law Portal contains tribal codes, decisions, and more.

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